Agnes Graduation Portrait

2020 a year of not the same, where schools were closed, classes were through Zoom meeting, and home is the new studying environment. Agnes missed out the opportunity for the graduation celebration at school with her friends, so she decided to go out for a sunshine and breathing fresh air for a 30 mins portrait.

“Marry Me” on Yacht Tour

As the waters cover the sea, so your love covers me.

Jesper celebrated Xiangjia's birthday at G Hotel, Penang. And Jesper secretly bringing Xiangjia to Penang Yacht Charter at Straits Quay, and sneaking into 1 of yacht as the gate was opened. And when they boarded on the boat, Jesper took the ring and kneel down to vow to Xiangjia. The story and promise finally make Xiangjia said "Yes" to Jesper. And their new chapter started witnessed by the blue sky and sea. Photography by Keith Thum Videography by Ambrose Lee of PhotoByKeith Yacht by Strais Quay Sunset Cruise Ballon & Decoration by Baba Ballon Food & Dining by G Hotel Gurney