Why Hire Us

What is the different between getting a friend to capture your wedding day compare to hire wedding photographer like us to take care your wedding day.

A Good Camera doesn’t make your friend a good photographer. We have our gears, techniques, methods and commitment to capture your moments.

We know what we are doing. We are committed to make your greatest moments in life a memorable event. We have the specific way to do thing, we will talk to you before the event, planning and together we make thing happen.

We have the experience. We know how to pose you so look your best. We will add suggestions and guides throughout the day to naturally position you in the best light and angle.

We can make magic happen in most challenging conditions. You don’t need to make your budget to rent a hotel room, we know how to make your house or room look elegant and charming.

We are committed to make remarkable timeline for you. We are the first to arrive, and one of the last to leave. We will take care the things that you may overlook, anticipate delays and somehow find the ways to get our shots.

We want your friends to enjoy your wedding. We believe if they are truly are your friend, they should be part or play an supporting role in your wedding day.

We don’t mean to critic your friends, but we believe we will make your greatest moment of your lifetime a remarkable event!


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