Wedding Celebration at Lone Pine Hotel

L.O.V.E. Wedding by Photo By Keith

The wedding celebration of Mr. Folmer & Miss Deborah in a beautiful night at Lone Pine Hotel, Penang. The rain stopped at the right time before the ceremony, happy guests, friends, and relatives with big love arrived to the venue on sunset. The celebration full of joys, tears, and blessings. Photography by Keith Thum Lone Pine Wedding Lone Pine Wedding Lone Pine Wedding KET_6485 KET_3821 KET_3832 KET_3836 KET_3813 KET_6526 KET_3841 KET_3845 KET_3873 KET_3943 KET_4015 KET_4170 KET_6641 KET_6646 KET_3941 KET_6944 KET_7002 KET_4199 KET_4206 KET_7069 KET_7083 KET_4224 KET_7092 KET_7104 KET_4233 KET_7113 KET_4241 KET_4248 KET_4251 KET_4278 KET_7117 KET_7125 KET_4367 KET_7258 KET_4392 KET_7478 KET_7486 KET_7498 KET_4417 KET_4459 KET_7533 KET_4463 KET_4529 KET_4534 KET_7672 KET_8005 KET_4559 KET_7713 KET_4667 KET_4672 KET_4704 KET_4806 KET_4812 KET_5025 KET_5038 KET_5085 KET_5161 KET_5167 KET_7227 KET_7237 KET_8170 KET_8180 KET_4336 Photographer, Malaysia Wedding Photographer, Ipoh Wedding Photographer, Sitiawan Wedding Photographer, Wedding Videographer, Penang Wedding Videographer.

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