Hi! I am Keith.

I am Keith Thum, a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Penang, Malaysia.

I like to photograph and document the wedding day or happy moment of people.

I like to call myself The Story Teller of Happiness. I love to document the real wedding moments, with minimum posing and directive. I like to document the LOVE and emotional click between people, the couple, family, relatives, friends, and the still subjects.

And I believe every wedding is unique, so every LOVE story is unique to your own.

I shoot with Sony A7iii mirrorless camera. I also shoot film with my Nikon FM or Olympus OM-1 loaded with favorite Kodak Gold or Fuji films.

Still want to know more about what we can do on your wedding, kindly contact me:
Phone : 016 422 6286 (Whatsapp and WeChat ready)
Email: keith@photobykeith.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/keiththum
Facebook Pages: www.facebook.com/photobykeith