The actual day photo was truly amazing, far beyond our expectation. He is very skillful in capturing the special moments and my wife and I like it very much! He even suggesting us some beautiful scenery which we didn’t think of the outcome will be that stunning. Friends and relatives are complimenting the passion and good work by Keith. We are very satisfy with the same day edit video which capture all the good memories and small details which we are too busy to take care of. Frankly speaking, I would have chosen Keith for my Pre wedding photo if we knew him earlier. I will definitely recommend him to anyone for such a professional photography service and experienced editing skills. Your excellent photos had given a lot of credits to make our wedding a memorable complete. Thanks!

Mr. Kelvin Chow June 3rd, 2017


Keith Thum.. Erm, I came across this name when my gf (now wife) & I attended a wedding dinner of her best friend in Ipoh. Remembered that time was Xmas Eve, 2015.
Both of us impressed with his photo shooting & “the picture speaks a life story of a lovely couple”. We approached him on 2016 to understand his portfolio; Wow! nice masterpiece, and then fate made us successfully appointed Keith on our day: 07•05•17

Actual day montage was nicely composed, together with touching childhood and portraits pics. Many of my friends were asked about him. Some already married but not sure why? Lol, maybe 另一春要揾他影 kua. Of course some are planning to acquire him in near future.

The story of a wedding reception turned up lively during our review of pic taken. Every single moment of precious scene “downloaded” by his hand by “clicking” buttons. He is truly a best photographer we had ever met. Friendly, helpful & 沒架子.

Mr Law Boon Leong May 7th, 2017


Hi Keith, sincerely thanks you and your partner’s hard works on our big day. You guys really professional and thanks for staying with us so late.

Hey Keith, my dad watch your edited SDE video laugh until cannot stop leh… and keeps on praising your great job. Really an amazing SDE. Thanks again

Without you and Ambrose, we wont have this amazing SDE which captured all the precious moment on our big day.. it will be a great memory for all of us when look back the SDE. You guys are great!!!

Miss Ng Siew Chee Jan 2nd, 2017



Miss Lim LiSie Dec 30th, 2016


Superb helpful, friendly, professional photographer ever met!! He can capture some of the precious moments that u never think about it!! Highly recommend!!

Miss Winnie Tan Dec 20th, 2016


I would rate Keith more than 5 stars in FB had given..haha!! He is amazing, and that’s before we saw all the actual photos. He is so friendly, helpful, very patience person, lotsa fun to deal with and makes you feel so relaxed when everything is quite stressful. We have many wonderful comments from friends & family complimenting the photos and Keith’s passion for his work. Recently, we received all the photos from him and it is beyond amazing. Love all the photos, he has such an amazing talent for capturing ‘moments’ which is exactly what we want on our wedding day. It’s not the formal photos that remind you how great your day was – it’s the natural fun and excitement that is so important to be documented. We would recommend him to absolutely anyone. Thanks so much, Keith!

Miss Carmen Lee Jun 18th, 2016


Keith Thum, Thank you so much for ur helped and be our photographer on the day. We wil strongly recommended u, what i can say is you have your insistence, for the sake of perfection, i believed that’s ur professional too! — feeling thankful with Tan Yih Seng.

Miss Jacqueline Choong May 23, 2016


I like the slideshow and photo u captured on Debbie and Gooi’s wedding.. Good job!! Keep it up!!!

Miss Weimin Leong, friend of a bride October 7, 2014


Hi Keith. .. Thanks for everything. I’m very happy and pleased not just to get you as my photographer but also as my friend. I can feel your passion in delivering the best to us. I’m so glad that we have you on our big day. It mean a lot to us. And i know it’s not easy and stressful at times… All the best to you ya 🙂 if anyone getting marry, i won’t hestitate to recommend you as i know you will never disappoint the couple

Miss Debbie Yeo Nov 28, 2014


Hi Keith… this is a very beautiful shot of mine.. I love it so much.. and my wedding album is a blast.. just perfect as how I always want it. Thanks again..

Miss Kirtisharma August 31, 2014